Briefing / Consultation Service

Our free consultation is the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Combining your own aspirations and desires will help us create your dream kitchen that is beautiful, functional and practical.

We will also provide information on different types of materials & colour options as well as show you the latest trends to help you decide on a design that best suits your lifestyle or requirements.


Combining all your ideas and our professional experience and expert advice, we will produce an initial design perspective for you. Once you approve the initial design and make any changes you feel are required, we will produce a photo realistic design using the latest CAD software.

This will allow you to get a real feel of the design proposal, and again at this point we will be happy to make any changes.

Quality products

We pride ourselves on offering industry leading quality standards, we believe every product or service that we supply should offer many years of untroubled use.

We only use products from manufacturers who conform to the most stringent of regulations within the industry, and these come from many countries including Germany, Italy and China.

Manufacture & Ordering

Once you agree on the layout and design of your kitchen, along with the type of material/s and colours to be used, an order will be generated and all the details for the project are sent to the factory for production.


Once the kitchen (materials) arrives in Bahrain, our highly skilled Service team will arrange the delivery & installation as per the design approved by the customer. Our Quality Control team will check the final installation & get it signed and approved by the client.

After sales service

Any customer complaints are dealt with by our Customer Service team. They will assist with whatever issues you may have, finding the best solutions within the shortest period of time possible.

Contact Us

We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, as soon as possible.

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